What is Biodiversity Act and why is it important? Watch video to know.

Magic Spangle was appointed by Deutsche Gesellschaft fur International Zusammenarbelt (GIZ)’ as a creative agency in 2017 through fiercely competitive bidding. We have led the creative mandate for Indo-German Biodiversity Programme which is being implemented in partnership with the National Biodiversity Authority (NBA) and Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change (MoEFCC) India across Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Uttarakhand. The challenge was to raise awareness for technical topics under the access and benefit-sharing project such as the Biodiversity Act, People’s Biodiversity Register and Biodiversity Management Committee. Though these topics were detail-oriented, the objective was to create interesting, user-friendly communication and convey important information through relatable examples.

Based on an insight that animated films can drive home serious content in a palatable way, we worked with GIZ to script and develop 3 animated films to bring alive different communication angles of the project. The films were created in four popular languages – English, Hindi, Marathi and Tamil for a better response from the citizens of the targeted states.

Through relatable characters, intriguing storylines and scenarios, our films simplified conversations around the Biodiversity Act and its benefits as much as everyday conversations. Given the complexity of the topics, we chose 2D character animation for the execution of the films. The reason 2D animation was best suited for the project was that in 2D animation, there is a mix of graphics, voice-over, and text, which stimulates different areas of the brain and engages multiple senses to help the viewer process and understand information more effectively. Approximately 65% of people are visual learners, so when information is presented in a format which is simple yet versatile as 2D animation, viewers are able to process complex topics, such as highly technical information more quickly. Relatable animation storylines can also establish a stronger connection between the viewer and the creator. All the films successfully delivered on the objective of raising awareness for the programme among common people of the targeted geographies.

Campaign Statistics

Project Duration – 2017 – 2019 | Services rendered – Scripting, storyboarding, animation, VO | Publishing channels – GIZ website/ social media | Beneficiaries – National Biodiversity Authority, State Biodiversity Board, Biodiversity Management Committees

Campaign Reach

The animation films were distributed to 29 state authorities and several Union Territories for free by GIZ, which gave the project an almost pan-India appeal. The vernacular languages and subtitles ensured that the language barrier was overcome while conveying the intended messages through the films.

Campaign Response

While the audience was effectively engaged, our client – the team from GIZ were delighted with the execution of the campaign. GIZ India continues its association with us for communication requirements after this project and has lavished high praise via recommendations for us.

Client Speak:

“I was particularly impressed with Magic Spangle’s professionalism, tenacity to deliver the best results and the team’s unceasing motivation to see the project through to the end.”

Geetha Nayak
Team Leader,
Access and Benefit Sharing Partnership Project,
GIZ India

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