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With a decade of satisfying clients under our belt, we here at Magic Spangle Studios have become leaders in proving production services across India. We have built our trusted name on providing inexpensive end-to-end solutions for TV, film, documentary, and digital ad productions. Equipment, location, cast, and crew – we assist with very little detail to ensure a smooth production.

Far more than just local productions, the role of the Film and TV Fixer in India is internationally renowned. Our experience working with global clients means we understand the standards expected. We remove every possible stone that could slow the production flow – language, legislation, climate, policies, cuisine – we factor in each variable across the 29 states and 7 union territories of India and we do it for a good price.


Sit back and relax as we take care of transportation and accommodation throughout your stay in the UK.

Studio Hire

From small to large studios, we provide excellent value studio hire suited to your specifications and set design.


State of the art film and lighting equipment is available at honest prices through our team of suppliers and connections.


An army marches on their stomach and we can take care of all dietary needs to a high standard, from the best UK cuisine has to offer.


From the make-up chair to the lead director, we can get you the experienced, knowledgeable crew you deserve.


Our team of casting agents and talent scouts can remotely provide you with the best talent around.


Time is money, we understand the importance of executing a production with military like precision. We’re honest about our deadlines.

Locations & Permits

We can show you scouted locations from the comfort of your chair, providing permits in advance before you set foot in the UK.

"From a wide choice of studio hire to crew we offer a broad choice to meet your budget"

Great Location = Better Film

Magic Spangle Studios knows that great locations translate into great films. We have a history of providing locations for our clients and we want you to get the best Film and TV Fixers in India at very reasonable prices. Running a successful, efficient shoot is no easy feat, our decade of experience means we have become adept at handling all the complexities that arise when filming, whatever comes up – we’ll fix it for you.

Our Clients?

They pay us the ultimate compliment, they return.