Its a good question, glad you asked. We’ve built a solid reputation as a sought after production studio which can take care of all client needs, marketing, filming, event management, printing, and packaging -we do it all, in Dehli, NCR, and further afield.  A decade at Magic Spangle Studios has heralded massive growth and change for us as a business. Take a look at the unique value we have to offer.


We have taken on projects large and small and delivered every time. The experience our team has gained in a decade means we know what to expect, what is best, and what gets results!


Samsung, Tata Power, Honda, GIZ – these companies are industry leaders with customers all over the globe. How have we secured their trust? By upholding the values and high standards that our business was founded on, Magic Spangle Studios lives our values.


We understand the importance of providing value at the best prices for our clients. We don’t overcharge, we are completely transparent when it comes to costs, we can make unimaginable dreams become an affordable reality for you.


One of our greatest strengths, as industry expectations and standards, change, so to do we. This is why we have grown from film production into digital marketing services as well as printing and packaging in India. We see what clients need and adjust, being flexible keeps us relevant.


From the moment you contact us, we are clear with our word. We want the best possible outcome for our clients, openness and honesty means we are all reading from the same page. The best relationships are built with clear, sincere communication and we strive to uphold these values.

How You Benefit

We Listen

Our communication channels stay open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We’re here with open ears, available to handle each and every query you have.

We Deliver

We have the latest technology and an expert team of professional creatives at our disposal. This is how and why we deliver on time, magnificent work.

We Solve

Our extensive experience mean we can offer you full support at each step of the production process. As problems arise, we solve them.

Our Clients?

They pay us the ultimate compliment, they return.