At Magic Spangle Studios, we leave no stone unturned to innovate out of the box ideas,
videos and solutions. Let us walk you through the various stages that every project undergoes.

Idea - Research and Development

Every great production starts off as an idea, a seed from which your project can grow. At Magic Spangle Studios, we make ideas become a reality by incubating the best seeds through ardent R & D. The team of idea developers uses this period to determine which ideas are most promising, our experience means we know which seeds hold success!


Once we and the client have agreed which seeds will produce the best results – we add a little water. How do we do this? By pooling together all the resources needed to build a magnificent project. Everything from designing a logo to putting a cast and crew together. No stone is left unturned – and we do it for a good price.


Once production is up and running, its all hands on deck. Our creative storehouse of talent and decade of getting excellent results for clients means we know how to run a successful production, bringing your idea to life.


The almost-final step in the production process. Here we sprinkle a little extra Magic on our creations, all elements of the production come together to form a final, lasting product.

Final Touch/ Critics/ Reviews ​

We aim to please, and because of that, we take feedback very seriously. We listen with attentive ears to your reviews, take notes, and adjust what we have to fit your view for perfection – or as close as we can get.​

Our Clients?

They pay us the ultimate compliment, they return.